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Grade 4 ・ JLPT N3


  • ち.る

  • ち.らす

  • -ち.らす

  • ち.らかす

  • ち.らかる

  • ばら

  • サン


  • 解散  かいさん breakup, dissolution(n, vs)
  • 散らかる  ちらかる to be in disorder, to lie scattered around(v5r, intransitive verb)
  • 散らし  チラシ scattering, leaflets(n)
  • 散らす  ちらす to scatter, to disperse, to distribute(v5s, vt)
  • 散らばる  ちらばる to be scattered about(v5r, intransitive verb)

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