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Grade 4 ・ JLPT N3


  • か.わる

  • か.わり

  • か.える

  • ヘン


  • 急変  きゅうへん sudden turn, sudden change, (suddenly occurring) accident(n, vs)
  • 相変らず  あいかわらず as ever, as usual, the same(adv, n)
  • 大変  たいへん very, greatly, immense, enormous, great, serious, grave, dreadful, terrible, difficult, hard, major incident, disaster(adv, adj-na, n)
  • 不変  ふへん eternal, everlasting, unchangeable, immutable, immovable, constant, permanent, indestructible(adj-na, n, adj-no)
  •   へん strange, odd, peculiar, weird, curious, queer, eccentric, funny, suspicious, fishy, unexpected, change, incident, disturbance, disaster, accident, flat (music)(adj-na, n, n-pref)

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