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palsu, sementara, diasumsikan (nama), informal

Grade 5 ・ JLPT N1


  • かり

  • かり-


  • 仮 【かり】 temporary, provisional, interim, fictitious, assumed (name), alias, hypothetical, theoretical
  • 仮処分 【かりしょぶん】 provisional disposition, temporary injunction
  • 仮設 【カセツ】 temporary construction, temporary establishment, provisional construction, assumption, supposition
  • 仮 【ケ】 lacking substance and existing in name only, something without substance
  • 化粧 【ケショウ】 make-up, makeup, cosmetics, decoration, dressing, veneer
  • 虚仮 【コケ】 folly, fool
  • 仮に  かりに temporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake(adv)
  • 仮称  かしょう temporary name(n, vs)
  • 仮死  かし asphyxiation, apparent death(n)
  • 仮差し押え  かりさしおさえ provisional seizure(n)

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