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lie down, sleep, rest, bed, remain unsold

Secondary school ・ JLPT N2


  • ね.る

  • ね.かす

  • い.ぬ

  • みたまや

  • や.める

  • シン


  • 泣き寝入り  なきねいり crying oneself to sleep, giving up in frustration, accepting meekly, being compelled to accept a situation
(n, vs)
  • 就寝  しゅうしん going to bed, retiring(n, vs)
  • 寝かす  ねかす to put to sleep, to lay (something) on its side(v5s)
  • 寝かせる  ねかせる to put to bed, to lay down, to ferment(Ichidan verb, vt)
  • 寝そべる  ねそべる to sprawl, to lie sprawled(v5r, iv)

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